Structured Settlements

Get Immediate Cash from Your Structured Settlement

Are you tired of waiting for smaller monthly payments when what you really need is a larger sum now? With time, the value of these payments can decrease, meaning you’re potentially missing out on their full worth.

At Atlantic Settlement Funding, we’re experts in helping people like you access the money tied up in structured settlements and annuities. We understand that sometimes those regular monthly checks just don’t cut it, especially when life throws unexpected expenses your way.

Whether you’re facing a sudden large expense, an incredible investment opportunity, or simply want to regain control over your finances, we’re here to assist. Our commitment? To provide you with instant access to the present value of your future payments. Rely on our unmatched experience and expertise when considering the sale of your structured settlement payment rights.


Turn your structured settlement or annuity payments into an instant lump sum of cash.

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Get the Cash You Need from Your Structured Settlement Now

People have different reasons for needing money right away. Some want to buy their dream home, start a business, or pay off their bills. Others might want to invest in something that could make them more money in the long run or need cash for big things like buying a home or taking care of medical bills.

If your monthly payments from your structured settlement aren’t enough and you need a bigger amount at once, selling part or all of it can be a way to get that cash sooner. It’s an option instead of using high-interest credit cards. Selling your payment rights is like accessing money that’s already yours but spread out over a long time.

The best part? You can choose how much of your structured settlement payment rights to sell. Maybe you only need a part of it for now, or perhaps you want to sell it all. We’re here to help you figure out the best choice for your situation.